The Job Interview with former CEO

November 14, 2020 Uncategorized

The Job Interview with former CEO

Hey everyone welcomes today love script good name writes what’s the worst thing to avoid. when you are interviewing okay excellent question love I was thinking about how to answer this and this. Is what I would say the worst thing to avoid.

when you’re doing a job interview is to be anything less than 100 positive all the time. If yous how anger frustration annoyance up anything like that anything negative either explicitly or implicitly through body language or anything like that. That’s the kiss of death okay in the vast majority of situations now remember job interview is a very artificial situation and sometimes those feelings can be justified.

Job Interview
Job Interview

They can be reasonable under the circumstances however you got an understanding that showing any of that is really bad it signals. That there’s a problem it signals that you know you’re maybe not a good fit or you’re not a team player or you have anger issues or you have poor interpersonal skills.

It signals a bunch of bad things so don’t do it now I think that most normal people who don’t obsess about job interviews. Sall the time okay and are not focused on it and are not familiar with it they see things a little bit differently than recruiters hiring managers and people like me. Who do employment and career coaching lot of the questions that are asked during job interviews actually can be quite offensive.

Think about it for a second you know when yous it down for a job interview usually the question they lead with tells me about your self now if you’re not expecting this. It can be quite confusing because you’ve sent in a resume they’ve obviously read your resume they’ve read your application they’ve called you in you come here and then what’s the first thing they.

Ask you to give a general introduction to yourself like they’re not already familiar with you okay now it may be reasonable that aperson might be a little offended with this. It seems like they haven’t got their act together right let’s be. Let’s be honest about it other questions like my personal favorite isso what does success look like to you well.

I think a lot of people would just want to say success to me are you hiring me for this job and if you don’t know that then.

I don’t think this is going gonna go very well okay I mean uh if you’re not expecting these questions they can come across as weird strange offensive. So it may be reasonable that under the circumstances you might be a little frustrated okay you might be a little offended sometimes.

That’s caused by people interviewers and hiring managers and recruiters just not being very good at their jo. But sometimes it can be calculated so regardless of the situation do not show anything but 100 percent positivity. All the time it’s as simple as that now between you and me I totally understand.

Where you’re coming from there’s a lot of people out there that are interviewing people for jobs that have no business deciding you know who should be employed in an organization. Because they are bad at it they are very bad at it and it’s fortunate but they’re they are the gatekeepers that one must go through if you’re going through standard channels to find employment but yes it can be very frustrating.

So that’s the number one thing I would say to avoid in a job interview never ever be less than 100 positive. If you show anything any signs of anything negative it’s bad and it’s usually an automatic elimination right there.

So now the last thing I’d like to say is that going beyond level one here okay this trait is actually a very good trait having interpersonal skills and having good interpersonal skills one of the things within that is the ability to restrain your self to bite your lipuh you know bite your tongue and not how frustration, when you are frustrate do anybody who works in sales or public relations, can tell you this is a really important skill you can go getting offended at the slightest you know comment or anything like that it’s not a good trait.

So think of this as an opportunity perhaps to work on that skill okay and if you show up for a job interview expecting. That they may say or do things that could be a little annoying or offensive if you know that they’re coming that helps also okay sometimes it’s not the things that the interviewer says to you.

it’s just the virtue of the situation for example I’ve done some videos on this channel where I talk about some of the worst job interviews.

I’ve done and you know you get cases where you’re told to show up at a certain time and then they make you wait for an hour right well most normal people would be a little frustrated by that it seems like you’re not really respecting my time.

So it doesn’t have to be the person it could be the situation but regardless always be positive and great things can then happen after that so thank you for your attention. I hope this was helpful to you.

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