How To Become A Freelance Copywriter & Get Your First Client

June 18, 2020 Uncategorized

If you’re looking to start an at-home copy writing business this post is for you. Hey guys, it’s Alexander and in this post. I’m going to share the very first 6 steps you should take if you’re looking to start a freelance copy writing business. Now, I might be a little bit biased but I truly think that copy writing is the best business around… Because, 1, every single business on the planet needs copy. Whether you’re familiar with precisely what copy writing is or not, just think of it as any single word written for the purpose of business or making sales. So Facebook ads, social media posts, emails, print copy, website copy, all of that is considered Freelance Copywriter and is needed by businesses small, large, offline, online, you name it.

Copy writing is one of the only creative businesses that allows you to get paid with nothing more than your laptop. You don’t need any fancy software programs or Adobe Premiere to edit video, or Photoshop to edit graphics. All you need is a word document. I have travelled all over the world thanks to my Freelance Copywriter. It has given me time independence, location independence, and I can truly say if you’re looking to start a copy writing business, I think that’s a pretty wise move.

Online marketing and copy writing

Now, one of the questions I get asked Althea time is “How did you get into copy writing? How did you even know what that was?” And I have to say I was a little bit lucky because I sort of stumbled into the whole online marketing and Freelance Copywriter world when applied for an internship at Mind valley, one of the world’s leading online publishers of personal development programs. And truly my goal with that was to defer law school for a year.

I wanted to travel, I wanted to have fungi thought “I have all the time in the world to go back to school.” So I moved to Malaysia, started working at Mind valley and my brain exploded. I had no idea that these types of careers existed. I thought you could be a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, accountant, a teacher, that was probably about it. And getting submersed in this whole world of online marketing and copy writing just felt like such a gift. And I was able to hone my craft and learn how to copywriter, mostly out of necessity.

Because at Mind valley there was one in house copywriter and he was brilliant. But I started to notice that he was a major bottleneck because every single product, launch, email, everything needed his eyeballs on the copy. And so naturally I thought mom… maybe Icon get my projects progressing a little quicker if I just learn this whole Freelance Copywriter business.

Unique Experience

So I got to work studying a ton of different programs, I studied Frank Kern’s Mass Control, Andre Chaperon’s Auto Responder Madness, and just truly fell in love with it. So I was very blessed to not only have the education and training, and a playground to be able to test… But also the ability to do so. And so that was truly a unique experience for me. And when I left the company in 2011 I had all of this training and know-how however, I was essentially starting from scratch when it came to building and starting my own copy writing business.

So that might be where you are right now. Maybe you’ve studied some courses, maybe you want to get into it, or maybe you haven’t done any of that yet and that’s totally OK. Now before I dive into my 6 steps you need to take before you start your copy writing business, there’s something I want to nipping the bud about copy writing. And that is this misnomer that in order tube a good copywriter you have to be a classically trained writer, or you needed to get straight’s in English class in university or high school, or you’re a grammar Nazi.

Empathy, Creativity, and Passion for Writing

I can tell you none of that is true. All you need is empathy, creativity, and passion for writing. Here’s the thing we are given this extremely amazing skillet to be able to communicate through words. And every single business needs that skill set,that’s why copywriters are so highly paid and are so sought-after by every single business on the planet. So truly, all you need to start writing is empathy, creativity, and a passion for writing. And then with that you layer on the tactics and the strategies, and the conversion principles, and the psychology, and that is what I’m here for.

So if you’re looking to start your copy writing business. Now be sure to read to the end of this post because I’m going to be linking to some other part for some powerful next steps. Including how to find a Hot Niche, how to write Hot Headlines and how to land your first client. But with that let’s move on to the 6 first steps you should take if you’re starting your at home copy writing business. Step number 1, study. I cannot reinforce this enough, don’t take just one Freelance Copywriter certification program and call yourself a copywriter.

How to be a copywriter

Get out there and learn from the best, buy programs, sign up for courses, enroll in seminars, if you haven’t yet go watch my very first part on the first five books you should read if you’re teaching yourself how tube a copywriter. And be sure to hit subscribe because I’m actually going to be launching a copy writing course and program later this year and will walk you through my exact process for Freelance Copywriter. So if that’s interesting to you go ahead hit that subscribe so you don’t miss that update from me. And whatever you do never stop studying, I’ve been in this business for over 10 years and I still absolutely love reading, listening to podcasts, and learning from the best of the best out there.

So truly always hone your craft and focus on how you can get better and better and better. Step number 2, get crystal clear on what you offer. As I mentioned before every single business on the planet needs writers, but will you write copy or content? If you don’t know the difference be sure to read my post on the difference between copy writing and content writing. Do you want to write long form sales letters, social media posts, videos, Facebook ads, how do you want to serve your client? Do you want to work part time, full time, contract basis, retainer? Just really take some time to map out what that dream freelance business would look like and how you could offer your services.

Writing about personal development

Okay so that brings me to step 3, get crystal-clear on who you want to serve. And I know in the beginning it can be tough because you’re like ash I’ll take any old job. And that’s fine but just remember that the first few clients you have really sets the foundation for the types of clients you’ll get in the future. And that’s because a lot of business owners want to hire writers with experience in their particular niche. So I got started in personal development and that has always been my niche of copy writing. I love writing about personal development because it’s something that I’m truly interested in so I never get tired of it.

Remember empathy is absolutely key in being good copywriter. So really think about your own personal life and experiences… If you want to write about pets, or parenting, or real estate, or finance, there is literally so many niches that are looking for great copywriters and the more specific you can be the better you can show up and serve your ideal client.

Specific area of copy writing

So take some time to think about this in the beginning because this will set the foundation for the types of clients you’ll attract in the future. And really niche you into a specific area of Freelance Copywriter. And the more experience you have the better you’re going to get. Step number 4 write a self sales pitch. Now echo I know this sounds a little bit icky especially if you don’t feel comfortable selling yourself.. But if you’re going to learn how to write for other people and sell products for other people, you need to know how to sell yourself.

So that’s why the last two steps were so important. Once you get very clear on what you offer and who you serve, this step will become so important and will really help you find your niche. Now if you’re sitting there wondering ashy don’t know my niche.

The most important thing to remember with this step is just be honest where you’re at. A lot of business owners actually don’t want to hire the most seasoned and experienced writers because they’re looking to train someone whose really going to learn and adapt to their brand voice. So if you are really green and you are just starting out, don’t worry about it. Just be super honest, show up, and deliver results. Step number 5, build your online portfolio and profile. Because how are your clients going to find you if they can’t find you?

When clients start hearing

So now that you’ve taken some time to get clear on what you offer, and who you serve, and you’ve written out a little bit of a self sales pitch. Be on LinkedIn, Instagram, Face book, have personal website, get an Up work profile, because here’s the thing when clients start hearing your name they’re immediately going to go Google you and see where you’re present and where you’re active online. So with that you’re really going to want to have a portfolio and some social proof. So if you have worked with anyone in the past, get a testimonial from them. This is so huge, and what so many creative forget to do.

Immediately after you have a positive exchange with a client, ask for a testimonial. These can be added to your Face book fan page, to a Google review, to your website, all of this is going to increase your chances of getting more and more clients. And be sure you’re building your portfolio in the meantime. You don’t have to have it available online for everyone to see, but just know that people are going to be asking you for it.

So have some writing samples, whether they ‘repaid, or whether you’ve done them in your free time, go out and find clients you candor some sample work for, anything you can do to really build up that portfolio is just going to help you in the long term. And then of course the more clients you get, the easier it is to build your portfolio. And step number 6, find clients.

Pull Strategy

Now I’m a huge believer in both a push and pull strategy. What I talked about in this post was a lot about the pull strategy. Get very clear on what you offer, who you serve, and get an online portfolio presence and profile set up so the right people can find you. In terms of a push strategy, which means really going out there and finding those clients you want to work with, you got to be a little bit more strategic it so I actually created a whole other post on this topic. It’s my 4 methods for finding clients: The Hunt, the Gather, the Pray, and the Slay. So be sure to check that out I’m going to link to it at the end of this Post.

All right guys there you have it those army 6 steps you should take if you’re looking to start a freelance copy writing business. If you found this post helpful please like and share. And before you go, I want to hear from you. What is the number one challenge you’re experiencing when it comes to Freelance Copywriter and your business? Where are you stuck? Where can I help you? Comment below, let me know. I can’t wait to see you guys again.

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